Amy Hope

I created Amy Hope out of a desire to feel confident and cool every single day. To go from mat to meeting. Fluff my hair, add some paint and an earring and go from cocktail to fundraiser and dinner feeling sexy and as comfortable as I was in my choice at 7am when I threw it on in the first place. 
Amy Hope is an idea, a state of mind reflected in a lifestyle. A core system of contemporary and timeless pieces, they are easy to wear, pack and care for. I mean who doesn’t need a Magic Upside Down Dress?

The pieces are limited editions and one of a kind, made from fabrics that called to me, fabrics I choose for you.
Amy Hope is my antidote to fast fashion and my feeling entitled to express our individuality in what we wear and the empowerment that comes from feeling connected to self.

The stories of The Ring, The Cape & The Corset grew from my love of reimagining and repurposing heirlooms passed on and purchased. There is joy in the evocative power of things. I love helping people connect to that joy by seeing themselves and their loved ones wearing, and living with things that have meaning.
Every minute of this work is inspiring. I am enthralled with the process of reimagining and recreating purpose to the things we have stashed in our closets. Watching women walk with confidence. Im graced to share it with you. Amy Hope