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About Amy at Triple Space Design...

"To pigeonhole Amy Eller would be a loss for anyone working with her.  A fine tuned eye, a great sense of style, is backed with years of experience.  Amy approaches any job with a three-sixty perspective.  She arrived at my store, did an overview, discussed what my needs were and went to work, creating a fresh, clean and energized; new vision.  Time spent with Amy is always a shift in ones' point of view.  Look forward to spring with Amy and what she has in store!"

Joan Horton; J.HORTON Store; Madison, Connecticut

Photo - Claudia Hehr

Photo - Claudia Hehr

"Amy has the gift of taking what is good and making it extraordinary. She made it safe for me to change my image, my home and work environment and my brand; She is the ultimate "wholistic artist."

Barbara Biziou, Global Ritual Expert 


“My wife says I’m not effusive, I hope this speaks volumes.  I love everything Amy and my wife purchased for our new apartment. Each and every reference from the Acupuncturist, Animal Behaviorist and the Yoga instructor have been stellar. She even found us an organic liquor store. She has made my wife happy and the transition from California to our new home and life, an enjoyable experience. “



"Amy Eller helped me prepare a home in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for guests and a large event, as well as re-designing the interior of my San Francisco home, while coaching me on variety of lifestyle changes that I implemented with her guidance and encouragement. Amy is simply the best at her craft, whether interior design, events, home or personal lifestyle consultation, she delivered with expertise, humor and a certain magic that only she can create. I Thank my lucky stars for Amy's talent and ongoing support. She is my "Go To" designer and lifestyle coach."  

Erika Burke


“Since Amy came into my life a year ago, I have lost 93 pounds,and got my hormones under control with a qualified medical doctor, learned new ways to eat and enjoy food, started a yoga program I can maintain, and my hair color has never looked better. Amy was a fabulous wardrobe consultant and helped me immeasurably in creating my new “look" as well.  I was truly impressed with the professionals she curated to help me.  I’m a changed woman.  Thanks Amy - I’m incredibly grateful.”  

Essie Linden


“Amy Eller came to Santa Fe to start me and my daughter on a nutritional/lifestyle program to prepare us for my daughters wedding.  She guided us via Skype and the internet over 6 months. The wedding took place in our second home in Mallorca where we expected guests from all over the world. Amy went to Spain the week prior to the wedding to prepare.  She oversaw the menu planning, interfaced with the staff and implemented all of our plans for the week long family event.  No detail was overlooked, the food was superb, each person’s individual needs were met and she went above and beyond to make extra items and experiences available to us which added to everyone’s stay. Truly, this was the most memorable event we have ever hosted. We will be calling on Amy for our lifestyle needs in the future.”  

GA LaFonda

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  • Environmental Design | Client - Restaurant L'Escale, NYC

  • Stylist | Photographer - Richard Pierce | Client - Oil of Olay

  • Stylist | Photographer - Tria Giovan | Private Residence, East Hampton, NYC

  • Environmental Design | Holiday Installation 437 Madison Avenue, NYC | Client - Sage Realty

  • Stylist | Private Residence, Fire Island, NY | Photographer - Tria Giovan | Client - Coastal Living Magazine

  • Stylist | Client - Orrefors