Vegan Omega 3 Supplement

We know Omega-3s improve cardiovascular, cognitive, joint, and immune functions, except the most bio available sources are from fish oils.

AHIFLOWER Oil is the richest plant source of omega-3 stearidonic acid (SDA), a sustainable,
non GMO, vegan source of omega-3 fatty acid. And omega-6 gamma linoleic acid (GLA) on the market.

Ahflower oil is biologically closer to the omega-3 EPA found in fish oil. It’s like “turbo-charged” flax, chia, sacha inchi, or perilla oils and no need to supplement with borage or evening primrose oils.

Its Vegetarian and vegan, NON GMO, Sustainable, Tastes good, kind of nutty and rich in GLA

Ahiflower is the commercial name of the oil pressed and extracted from the seeds of non-GM, proprietary varieties of a biennial herb in the Borage family, commonly known as corn gromwell and stoneseed.

Ahiflower is GRAS, Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA

The name comes from the Hawaiian word ‘Ahi’ for Yellowfin tuna. I know it’s weird that a veg thing is taking its name from a fish, but hey, weirder stuff is going on than this. So as Ahi tuna is synonymous with good sushi, Ahiflower is the benchmark for healthy nutritional plant oils.

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Available at your health food store and online, once opened, Ahiflower oil must be refrigerated. It’s great for salad dressings, smoothies, and ice cream, but no on the cooking or baking.

Yes. Ahiflower oil is certified Kosher and Halal

Please check with your health care provider before making any changes or additions to your routine and thanks for listening.