My carpet is How dirty?

My Carpet is How dirty?

The formulas in commercial wet and dry carpet cleaners are loaded with irritants and chemical perfumes to mask the scent of chemical ingredients, leaving behind dangerous fumes and residue that can seriously affect our health. 

Some of the solvents used for dry carpet cleaning contain butyloxyethanol, potentially causing damage to the liver, central nervous system and kidneys.

These chemicals are dangerous to our health and the environment when the water used to rinse carpets goes straight down the drain, into our water system.

And think about the health of our children and pets. They are small and much closer to the ground. They have smaller lungs and faster metabolisms. Being in direct contact with carpeting, kids and animals are more vulnerable to serious toxic poisoning.

Many of the toxic ingredients used in common industrial and household cleansers have a tendency to concentrate in the body, creating a “body burden”. Pets develop and age seven or more times faster than people. As a result, pets can develop health problems in response to these chemicals more rapidly.

Chlorine can irritate your pet’s eyes and skin and tends to settle on the carpet, as it is denser than air, which means your pet gets the brunt of the irritation. Ammonia can cause sneezing and watery eyes, and many cats are sensitive to the ingredients in commercial carpet deodorizers or sprays. Even when using a pet-safe product, try to keep your cat out of the room until the product dries.

Products I like, approved by the EWG, Environmental Working Group, my bible for so many things, include: Simple Green, Sal Suds by Dr Bronners, Nature Clean, Bi-O-Kleen, or Natural Citrus, made by Seventh Generation.