Bad Habits


How many times today I wanted a ciggie.


Cigarettes actually smoked: 0

Cigarettes in possession 0

I know, I know, I’m a Lifestyle Evangelist who waxes poetic about green juice and grass fed beef. I also say Life is short and perfect is boring. I have my vices and cigarettes are on the top of that list.


More addictive than heroine and a lot easier to get at a moments notice.  I often wonder what my life would be like if Omar at my corner deli would sell me one cigarette at a time….

What’s my biggest excuse? It’s genetic. My Great-Grandmother Lilian May was born on a tobacco farm in West Virginia. She smoked up until the stroke, three months before she died at 93. Nicotine is in my blood.  

To this day, almost 16 years since I quit smoking, I scan the room when the phone rings in search of the red pack that morphed into the blue pack when all of a sudden I thought that smoking organic had to be better for my health than just plain old smoking. 

Ahhhh, that feeling when the first deep breath, in what feels like forever, releases my soaz muscle and delivers that first blast of nicotine to my system. My shoulders come out of my ears and there just ain't no substitute, electric or otherwise, that will be better than that.

Helen Mirren Smoking - Oh she so hot!

Helen Mirren Smoking - Oh she so hot!

I confess its vanity more that keeps me from puffing up. Yes, I hate the smell of smoke in my hair and on my clothes. I can wash those. It’s the lines on the upper lip that keep me from sucking back a few ciggies when the going gets tough or when I want to celebrate or when I want to be sure that lunch is really over.